Interior Ministry has lost 35,000 staff in recent years

IntMin Predoiu: Interior Ministry has lost 35,000 staff in recent years

Interior Minister Catalin Predoiu said on Monday that the Interior Ministry lost 35,000 staff in recent years, told Agerpres.

The statement was made at a news conference after a road accident that happened in the town of 2 Mai that killed two young people and injured three more.

Asked by journalists where the weak link is Predoiu answered: „There are several weak links – the lack of human resources, this ministry has 35,000 ‘lost’ staff in recent years, professional training, the stability of these professions , long-term perspective, career guide, modernised status, technical equipment. There are only seven things that we need to launch in the reconstruction of this logistical and normative institutional heritage in order to restore the police (…) to a standard that we all want”.

He added that there is sufficient legislation, and resources can be allocated.

Regarding a possible dismissal of the head of Constanta County Police Constantin Gluga, Predoiu said that he will not hesitate if so requested after a control.

„If it becomes necessary as a result of this control, I will not have any hesitation about that boss or other bosses, but for now, I want to wait for this control, I want to work according to the procedure, according to the law, professionally, so that any decision I make will be outside of any criticism and will go towards solving the problem (…),” said Predoiu.

Two young people were killed and three others were injured on Saturday morning, after a driver drove his car into a group of pedestrians on DN 39, near Vama Veche.

Two young men – aged 19 and 20, respectively – and a girl, aged 20, were also injured.

After the accident, the driver fled the scene, being found by the police, shortly after, in the Vama Veche station, where he tested positive for cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine.

The driver is now investigated for culpable homicide, culpable bodily harm, fleeing the scene of the accident and driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other substances.


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