New eco-tourist route Terra Galdica opens in Alba County

New eco-tourist route Terra Galdica opens in Alba County

Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism Stefan-Radu Oprea signed on Monday in Alba Iulia a document regarding the opening of the Terra Galdica culture and tourism route that include an eco-museum showcasing the civilisation of water and huts in the Trascau Mountains, told Agerpres.

„We signed a document by which we recognise as a cultural eco-tourist route Terra Galdica, an association of three small towns – Intregalde, Galda de Jos and Mogos – together with the Transylvania cluster,” said Oprea.

He added that, although there is a very large tourist potential in Alba County, statistics show that it is very much underused.

„If we look at national studies, we see that there is an average of 2.2 overnights – which is too little, (…), but Alba County has 1.4 overnights, which means that we don’t know how to tell the story, that we don’t know how to attract tourists and offer them more than the Alba Iulia Citadel. At 1.4 nights, the quick conclusion is that Alba Iulia is a transit destination, that you stop at most for one night, to see the citadel and leave. But there is a huge potential. (…) I signed this document to draw attention to this potential, to the fact that if there is collaboration among the business, local and national administrations, then we can certainly increase this part of the Romanian economy,” said Oprea.

Oprea was on a two-day working visit to Alba County, Sunday and Monday.


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