PM Ciolacu says Romania on first place in Europe in terms of mortality from cervical cancer

PM Ciolacu says Romania on first place in Europe in terms of mortality from cervical cancer

Romania ranks first in Europe in terms of cervical cancer mortality, shows the message of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, presented by state councilor Carmen Orban during the „Women’s Cancer” debate held at the Senate.

„We are still in first place in Europe in terms of mortality from cervical cancer, while in other countries this disease is curable. And this is because, in our country, detection is done in advanced stages of the disease, and the vaccination program against HPV has only registered some interest and progress in the last two years. Breast cancer screening programs must go beyond the pilot program phase if we want to have real results in combating this disease,” Ciolacu said.

According to him, the Government is „strongly involved in identifying solutions and solving problems” in the health system. At the same time, he urged women to go to the doctor for the annual set of tests, noting that a disease detected in time can be treated with a much higher success rate.

The message emphasizes the importance of screening programs, but also of a healthy lifestyle, in conditions where the main risk factors are smoking, alcohol consumption or obesity.

„Cancer remains the second leading cause of death in Romania, after cardiovascular diseases, representing 19% of all deaths, according to the National Institute of Public Health. Also, according to the same source, it is estimated that by 2035 the number of cancer in the EU will increase by 24%, so that this disease will become the first cause of death. Women are in great need of screening programs, information campaigns and more care from us, from all of us”, added the prime minister

The president of the Romanian College of Physicians (CMR), Daniel Coriu, said that a while ago a cancer diagnosis sounded „like a condemnation”, but, thanks to the advances in medicine in the last 30-40 years, now there are „good hopes” of healing. In this sense, he emphasized the importance of continuity, noting that in 2024 the budget for prevention and screening programs was reduced by 30%.

„We have the Plan to fight cancer, we have the National Health Strategy, approved by Government decision, but we need perseverance and continuity. The role of the family doctor is essential. We all talk about the role of family medicine, primary medicine and ambulatory medicine , because they have, somewhat, a similar role, an equally important role. Last year, following the negotiations with the National House, through the framework contract, we managed to implement such prevention and screening programs with growth, which is satisfactory , of the budget. But at the beginning of this year, we found ourselves with a 30% reduction in this budget. This means that we are missing the essential element: continuity. (…) Fortunately, we managed to avoid a crisis, temporarily, at least, until June. Let’s see what will happen next,” Coriu said.


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