The exhibition ‘Dacia. The last frontier of Romanity’ defining for Romania

CultMin Turcan: The exhibition ‘Dacia. The last frontier of Romanity’ defining for Romania

Culture Minister Raluca Turcan on Monday attended the opening of the exhibition „Dacia. The Last Frontier of Romanity” in Rome on Monday, saying that it is defining for Romania, told Agerpres.

She added that the exhibition includes approximately 900 archaeological items that trace the historical evolution of the territory of present-day Romania over a period of over a thousand years.

„This defining exhibition for Romania is the result of a partnership that involves more than 40 cultural establishments from three countries, in a unified exhibition design that emphasises both the inestimable value of the exhibited artifacts and the deep historical and cultural ties between our countries (…) On this occasion, I want to emphasise the significance that this remarkable Romanian exhibition brings to the ‘Capital of the World,’ offering the visitors a journey in time, in space, but especially in the universe of a common European world, confirming Romania’s belonging to a ‘Europe of nations.’ The exhibition ‘Dacia. The last frontier of Romanity’ underlines in the most concrete way possible that the European dimension of Romania derives not so much from its geographical conditioning, but above all from the common ethno-cultural heritage,” Turcanu wrote in a social media post.

The event was also attended by Italy’s Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, Moldova’s Minister of Culture Sergiu Prodan, presidential adviser Sergiu Nistor, Romanian ambassador to Italy Gabriela Dancau, and director of the National History Museum of Romania Ernest Oberlander Tarnoveanu.

Turcan congratulated the team of the National History Museum of Romania, coordinated by Ernest Oberlander Tarnoveanu, on „the merit of having brought to Rome this remarkable Romanian exhibition both in terms of value and symbolism.” She also thanked the Romanian Ministry of National Defence for providing safe transportation of the artifacts, and the Romanian Embassy in Rome for all their involvement.

The exhibition „Dacia. The last frontier of Romanity” is open at the Museo Nazionale Romano in Rome throughout April 2024.


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