Traffic resumes on two lanes on Friendship Bridge

Traffic resumes on two lanes on Friendship Bridge

Repairs were recently completed at the Giurgiu-Ruse Friendship Bridge, Bulgaria, after a lorry from Turkey hit the guardrails of the bridge and halted traffic in both directions, and now, approximately 16 hours after the accident, traffic is moving again on both lanes, but the lorries leaving Romania via Giurgiu, have to wait 240 minutes for checks, told Agerpres.

This morning, around 03:00hrs, a lorry registered in Turkey and shipping auto parts was travelling on the way out of Romania, hit an expansion joint on the Friendship Bridge on the Bulgarian side after a tyre explosion.

The driver lost control, hitting the guardrails of the bridge, bringing traffic in both direction to a halt.

Because of fuel leaks, several special vehicles from the Giurgiu Emergency Management Inspectorate had to step in to clear the road, and teams of workers who worked on repairing the broken guardrails.

Traffic was down in both directions from the time of the accident to 10:00hrs, when traffic resumed on one lane, and at 18:29hrs traffic resumed on both lanes of the Friendship Bridge.

According to the Border Police lorries leaving Romania via Giurgiu have to wait for 240 minutes, and those entering Romania, for 30 minutes.

For automobiles, the waiting time is 30 minutes both in an out the country.


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