We are not increasing taxes in 2024

The government will not increase fees and taxes in 2024 and a decision on the guaranteed minimum salary will be made in agreement with the social partners, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu told the representatives of unions and employers, on Tuesday, at the meeting of the Tripartite National Council for Social Dialogue.

„We are preparing the budget for next year, on which we will consult with the social partners. I want it to be very clear: in 2024 we will not increase taxes and we will not introduce new taxes that will burden Romanians and the business environment. We are looking for solutions to reduce labour taxation and continue the measures to increase budget revenues by combating evasion and through better collection, including through improving management at National Authority for Fiscal Administration and Customs. We are taking all steps at the government level to start the year 2024 with the adopted budget, in order to have the predictability necessary for the business environment,” said Marcel Ciolacu, in a press release, agerpres reports.

According to the press release, the consultations with the social partners, within the Tripartite National Council for Social Dialogue, will also continue on the level of the guaranteed minimum salary in the economy.

„The government will take a decision on the minimum salary only after it is agreed with the social partners,” the head of the Executive emphasized.

At Tuesday’s meeting with the trade unions and employers’ associations, other topics of interest were also discussed, such as ensuring the workforce, the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the dialogue with the representatives of the European Commission, the same source states.


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